Friday, 7 October 2016

Review : Du'a Compass

Assalammualaikum |hola fellas !

Idk why but i feel like suddenly want to make sikit review 'bout this one app that i use called Du'a Compass.

Well for me it such a good app. Simple yet very helpful.

This one doa yang aku rasa semua org akan guna. Ekceli banyak lagi doa-doa yang kita boleh guna for our daily du'a, but i think you guys can treasure it yourself right? hehee XD

Ohyaa! I can't find this app kat hp android aku. Maybe tak available lagi kot untuk android version. Alah, tak lama lagi adalah tu hehee.

That's all for now. I'm yawning non-stop right now. Dah nak tukar jd zombie dah ni kehkehkeh. Don't forget to give it a try okey ?


-XOXO, me💋


  1. wow how come I dont even realise the existance of this kind of apps ! Thkss for sharing!

    1. hehee give it a try okeyh !😁❤❤

  2. Maknanya utk setiap perasaan kita, dia akan bagi doa utk kita baca ye?
    BEST sungguh gini..

    1. Aah kira cmtu la hehee. Try la hehehe 😉😉💕


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