Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Wanted Ohsem Bloglist Blog KakLong

Assalammualaikum and hola everyone!


So how? Nak join tak gais? Haa, kalau nak join ada syarat tau.

1- Blog bahasa melayu : Blog aku mmg bahasa melayu, tapi rojak-rojak jgkla hehee.
2- Semua Genre : Yes, semua genre ada. Aku tulis ikut mood gais.
3- Ori dan unik : Alah, ni aku taktau la pulak. Korang rase?
4- Selalu update : Hm selalu jugak. Kdg-kdg smpai 3 ketol post sehari. Tapi kdg takde masa.
5- Selalu BW : Okey. Kalau yg nih mmg wajib aku buat SETIAP HARI :)
6- Word verification : Tak suka and tak akan letak bendalah ni. Tak suka la, annoying tau!

Segmen tamat pada 13 oct 2016. Goodluck y'all ! ❤

-XOXO, me💋

Segmen Bloglist Oktober Blog Seindahcerita

Assalammualaikum and hello fellas!


Jom join segmen ni gais! Hehee. Klik je banner tu keyh ;)

Goodnite earthlings!

-XOXO, me💋

Monday, 26 September 2016

Happy Birthday To Me 🎈

Assalammualaikum|Hai fellas !

YESSS! It's my birthday guys! Alhamdulillah, i'm officially 19 now :')

So literally its not today (26 sept), it was yesterday,- 25 September, but unfortunately i was soooo malas tahap petala ketujuh nak update bendalah ni kemarin, soooo.. tadaaa! Baru sibuk nak update jam 4 pagi kahhh!

Mcm biasa la kalau celebrate birthday kan, beli kek, potong kek ah benda biasa la yg mcm kat tv selalu tu hahaha. 

Tapi.. ada lagi dua ekor natang wish i tauuuuu!


Miss Twitter

Haa, dua ekor natang ni pun tak nak ketinggalan tau wish aku. Busybody betul dua ekor ni la. Hahahah ok ok joke. Btw thanks a lot to both of you. Muahhh ciked. HAHAHA :D

To all the wishes I've got yesterday, thanks a lot baby(s). I do really appreciate that. No need to mention la kan i think. You know who you are. Kalau takde wish dari korang semua mesti birthday aku suram uhuks. Terimakasehhhh!

To my mom yg susah payah mengandungkan and beranakkan(?) kakak, my dad yg dah kerja keras siang malam demi sesuap nasi and kasih syg tak ternilai untuk kakak, terima kasih baaanyak kakak ucapkan. Kakak sayang mak dgn bapak sangat-sangat. Dah takde ganti dah mak bapak untuk kakak. Sampai mati pun kakak tak mampu nak balas semuanyaa. Loveyou mak, loveyou pak 💕

Lastly, to my dearself,
     Please stop mourning for something useless. They not worth it. 
     There's a lot of things that can make you happy. Don't waste your time k?
     I love you a lot, dearself. Pls, hurt yourself no more.
     Cuhs if you are hurt, I'm hurt too :"(

XOXO, me💋


Assalammualaikum and hai lagi y'alls!


Okay gaissss, i join GA ni pulak k kali ni hehe. Cam biase klik je banner kalau nak join keyh :)

Klik SINI untuk senarai peserta k :)

Bye fellas. Good-mid-night 💕

Pencarian Bloglist Oktober-Disember 2016 by Cik Ummi

Assalammualaikum and hai *again* peeps!


So once again, aku nak ajak korang ramai-ramai join ni :) Interested ? Just click the banner okey. Goodluck!

-XOXO, me💋 


Assalammualaikum / hai readers !


Jom join ni gais! Alah, try-try nasib je hehee. Klik je kat banner if you nak join keyh ? 

Bye y'alls seeyaa! :')

Friday, 23 September 2016

In Love With Crocs! 💕

Salam alaykh and hye earthlings!

Tonight I do really want to share something that I think we all should know about it. So guys, shall we start ? :")

First thing first, allow me to start this with a question. Have you ever heard about Crocs shoes?

Well said, Crocs have been a popular brand known for its trendy colourful range of shoes for men and women. The Crocs brand never fails to impress us with its designs as it never goes out of style. The Crocs are perfect to be flaunted on your casual day out, a date or even while running your errands. If you are looking for a unique addition to your shoe wardrobe, take a look at the designs of Crocs shoes below and see which fits you the best. 


If you want to change your normal flip flops into something more attention grabbing, colourful sandals from Crocs collection will definitely make you appear stylish effortlessly even in a simple way. The colour of the sandals absolutely helps make you outfit pop out with ease. Choose from the various coloured sandals available from the brand and show it off with confidence. 


    Look adorable in the cute ballerina flats from Crocs shoe collection and walk with comfort everywhere you go. The flats are suitable to be matched with a dress, short, skirt or even your jeans. Pick out the favourite flat which suits your personal style and style it creatively anywhere you go. 

You may not wear boots much in this country but Crocs boots are great to own in times of the rainy season. Switch the normal boots you wear with a more fun design from Crocs boots collection and feel fashionable as ever. It will definitely spice up your normal look and make you be the center of attention.

So, till here then. Hope you guys enjoy keyh. Goonite peeps! Byeee :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

SEGMEN : MaxisCelcomDigiFree #jmbelog

Salam alaykh fellas! 😁

klik banner

Hai gais, aku join GA lagi hehee. Hah, kan aku dah kata haritu aku nak join GA banyak-banyak hohoho. Tapi rasanya mcm tak sempat kot, sem-break i dah nak habis dah! T^T *sobsob*

Well i won't let my hopes fly so high sbb this GA's term and condition is also easy weyhhh so ofc la ramai org will join this GA i guess :")

So peeps mcm biasa, just click the banner to join keyh. Goodluck!  😁🎈

Friday, 16 September 2016


Assalammualaikum and hye earthlings! ^^

I don't know why but I kinda rajin siket nak update something malam ni hehee. So recently I've put a few of my latest fav songs kat music player kat dalam blog ni. Then aku tengok cam ramai gak ah orang cakap lagu 'helplessly' tu best kat cbox :) Best kan gais ? Aku fikir aku sorang je rasa camtuh uhuks T^T

The 'helplessly' song was Tatiana Manaois's. Actually i've found that song masa tengah syok usya-usya youtube haritu. I really love her voice and the lyrics,- idk why but somehow i feel so related la dgn this song hehehee :")

Actually banyak lagi tau lagu Tatiana Manaois that i've found kat youtube and semuaaa lagu dia mmg best. Tapi yang paling berkenan kat hati mmg 'helplessly' la ^^

Tak nak cakap panjang la keyhhh so this is the lyrics guys. Hope you guys enjoy keyh :)


It's not that easy with you here
But I know I want you to stay.
See this could be us in a few years
But just admit you like to play

It's like everyday,
I'm kicking rocks.
I could fly away,
But you got me at a complete stop.

How do you
Manage to keep me going
But somehow you keep me from going...

See you distract me, but I'm distracted without you.
I don't know how to focus baby teach me how to.
Cause I'm standing still again
But if you love me, just like the way that I love you
I wouldn't mind a little comforting from you.
Why do I let you in my head?

And I gotta go sometimes, but you're always on my mind.
You're not helping me...
You're not helping me...
You're not helping me...
You're not helping me...
You're not helping me...
But I helplessly fall, for you.

Now I'm running late
And I'm not a coffee drinker,
But I lost sleep just thinking of you.
So pour me a cup,
I need to wake up,
I need me some love.
Now give it to me.

Cause everywhere you go I'll follow you.
I'll give you all of me, give me all of you.
I gotta go sometimes,
But you're always on my mind.

See you distract me, but I'm distracted without you.
I don't know how to focus baby teach me how to
Cause I'm standing still again
Cause if you love me, just like the way that I love you
I wouldn't mind a little comforting from you.
Why do I let you in my head?

And I gotta go sometimes, but you're always on my mind.
You're not helping me babe...
You're not helping me babe...
But I fall helplessly for you, for you.
You're not helping me babe...
You're not helping me babe...
But I fall helplessly for you, for you.

p/s: saje je share lirik lagu ni kat sini supaya uolls boleh lepak sambil nyanyi2 siket kahkahkah! 

K lah. Till here guys. Seeyaa!

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Assalammualaikum gais ^^

Tengah buat ape tuh gais? Busy?Aku skang ni takde apa nak buat, well, tengah sem-break kan hewhew. So guys, guess what? Aku join GA lagi yeayyy! 
So this GA's terms and conditions was very easy guys, jomlah join ramai-ramai :) Well aku kan pemalas orangnya so mmg confirmla aku join GA yang ada syarat-syarat senang nih hehee ^^ Klik je banner tuh if uolls nak join keyh. For those yang join GA ni, goodluck peeps! :)

Till here then. Aku nak join lagi bebanyak GA ni kehkeh. Byeee!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Giveaway Tunai RM200 By ELIHJAPAHAR.COM

Assalammualaikum and hai guys!


So tadi aku pegi jalan-jalan singgah blog orang. Then aku ternampak GA ni. The syarat-syarat was so easy guys. I think you guys should join this GA too. Just give it a try. Manetau ada rezeki kan hehee.

Pertama - Tunai RM60
Kedua - Tunai RM40
Ketiga - Tunai RM30
Keempat hingga kesepuluh - Topup bernilai RM10
Macam biasa, klik je banner kalau nak join keyh. Wish me luck peeps. I wish uolls the best of luck jugak keyh. Seeyaaa :)

Friday, 9 September 2016

Feeling Unwell

Salam alaykh fellas!

Dah lama gilaa rasanya aku tak menaip sampai aku jadi kinda awkward, a stiff person and siryesly have no idea nak taip apa. Ekceli tiap hari aku bukak blog tapi aku malas sgt nak update. Tetiba harini aku rasa nak update sebab aku tengok dah mcm berhabuk sgt dah blog aku nih hewhew. Kesian kau blog sbb dapat tuan cam aku kehkehkeh.

Ohyaa. Korang tau tak  skang ni aku tengah demam cacar ? Sakit rupanya cacar ni kan. Masa tengok org lain kena dulu, I think its not that bad if I also get infected. Bila dah kena, Allahu. Orang yang dah kena je tau apa rasa dia demam cacar ni.

Alhamdulillah demam dah kebah. Tinggal cacar ni je tunggu nak sembuh. Ntah bila nak sembuh aku pun taktau. Aku dah minum 2 biji kelapa tau. Dengar citer orang tua-tua kata kalau minum air kelapa demam and cacar cepat sembuh. Betul atau tak aku taktau la pulak. Korang doakan je lah keyhh hehee. 

Apalagi nak citer ni eh? Takde idea la gais. Ohya!  Aku dengar movie Train To Busan tu best namateyyy. Zombie dia laju mcm Usain Bolt la apelah. Banyak lagi la yg aku dengar best-best pasal Train To Busan tu. Betul ke gaisz? Aku pun nak tengok jugak huhuhu tapi cacar menghalangku untuk bergerak bebas T_T Wahai cacar, cepatlah sembuh. Beta nak pegi tengok movie best ni huhuhu.

Okeylah gais. Sampai sini je la kot. Nampak sgt kan aku takde idea nak taip. Hmm malunyew *facepalm* I'm done here. Byeeee!