Thursday, 24 March 2016

Get To Know Me

Assalammualaikum and hai hai gais!

A few days ago I was tagged by igs for the ‘get to know me’ post. After beberapa hari aku bertangguh-tangguh, harinih aku nak lunaskan tag tuh yeayy hahaha. So let’s begin gais !

1. Name
- Just Azey for short.

2. Age
- Unofficially 19. (OMG I can’t believe this rasa tua gilaa!)

3. Bestfriend/s
- So many of them that I choose not to mention. They know who they are :* But there’s certain of them yang aku tak sure if they thought me as their bestfriend or not, but nevermind la heee.

4. Relationship Status
- Crush-ing. Wait, is that consider as a relay? HAHAHA

5. Piercing You Have
- I only have 2 set of piercing yang aku tak suka nak pakai, itu pun mak aku paksa beli. FYI aku tak suka barang kemas. Siryesly tak suka. (gelang yang rock-rock punya style aku suka la)

6. Piercing You Want
- I don’t have desire for any piercing, yet.

7. Tattoos You Have
- In Islam, tattoos is forbidden. And I am Muslim ;D

8. Tattoos You Want
- The 1D's tattoo (3 arrows) and infinity symbol.

9. Favourite Blog
- I have many fav blogs gais. Check dekat sidebar, aku dah letak fav bloglist kat situ :)

10. The Meaning Behind My URL
- Ekceli ‘cyclazey’ stand for one of the nama bunga yang aku suka,- cyclamen, and my name,- Azey. So its Cyclazey. Cyclamen is the symbol of pengunduran diri, pemalu and selamat tinggal. Banyak lagi bunga aku suka but I'm not sure why did I choose cyclamen. Tapi seingat aku la kan, aku tukar url untuk blog nih masa aku tengah berkabung sebab crush aku suka kawan rapat aku. Sedih kan? But chill gais sbb skang aku tak berkabung dah keyhhh I dah lama move on yeehaa!

11. Favourite Band At The Moment
- 1D, 5SOS, The Vamps, Avenged Sevenfold, Secondhand Serenade, Westlife,Coldplay, We The Kings, B2st, B1A4, Exo. Ada lagi tapi aku tak ingat but mostly old-skool band la. Why didn't you ask about my fav solo singer ? I have a lot sobsob.

12. Favourite Movie
- Harry Potter series, Twillight series, Divergent-Insurgent-Allegiant, Hunger Game series, Love Rosie, Sherlock Holmes series, Narnia series, If I Stay, TFIOS, The Maze Runner 1&2, Dead pool, Our Times, Diary Ng Panget, Bride To Rent, Make Me Shudder series, Ghost Ship, science fiction movies, movie yang ada magic-magic, a few of wayang hindustan tapi taktau tajuk and banyak lagi tapi takyah la taip eh kehkehkeh.

13. A Fact About My Personality.
- A careless wallflower.

14. What I Hate About Myself
- My temper masya Allah. Pelupa. Sangat-sangat pelupa. Benda dekat tangan pun boleh lupa hahaha. Also the lack of confidence, really killing me tho.

15. What I Love About Myself
- My height HAHAHAHAHA *jangan kecam saya*

16. What I Want To Be When I’m Older
- Chillin’ with my family and friends sambil cakap pasal zaman dulu-duluuu. Cewahhhh hahahaha.

17. Idea Of The Perfect Date
- I don’t have any idea for this. Eating pizza and cheesy fries while watching movies together perhaps? lol I tak sweet keyh hahaha.

18. Thing/s I Hate Most
- Semuaaaaaa keturunan lipas (ini paling benci), kumbang and ulat bulu. And that stupid and ugly and yuckssss small holes, line internet slow, youtube video yang buffering, bila download movie dah 99% then tetiba operation failed la apalah, orang potong barisan, dll.

19. Weakness
- Lack of confidence, sensitive, often over-thinking ‘bout small matters, and care way too much. Sometimes I’m being heartless but it only hurt the people I love.

20. Phobia
- Trypophobia : fear of that damn ugly small holes yuckssssss !

21. What I Hate Most About School
- Bangun awal jam 4 subuh, the super strict rules, dewan makan, air kolah yang sejuk namateyy.

22. Things I Find Attractive In Guys
-  I love smart and intelligence guy. And ofc a guy yang lagak macam bad boy tapi dia layan mak dia macam permaisuri.

23. Biggest Turn On
- Smart, intelligence and nice-bad-boy.

24. Biggest Turn Off
- Lelaki yang kuanghaja dengan perempuan, especially dengan mak dia. Rasa macam nak lempang je. I’m okay dealing with smoking guy, sebab maybe one day he can stop smoking. Tapi jangan la nak hembus asap tuh kat muka orang. Nak makan pelempang ke?

25. A Random Fact I Know
- Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.

26. A Quote I Love My Life On
- ‘Literally after every pain, there’s a relief.’

27. Something I Need To Get Off My Chest
- I hate this fear of going back to hostel. I wanna stay home and never worried about what I’m going to eat for midnight supper lols.

28. A Description About The Person I Hate And Why I Hate Them
- Backstabber and ignorant people. They know nothing but still nak cakap besar and judge people sukahati. Tidak ketinggalan juga si talam-dua-muka. Ughhhh I hate these kind of asshole.

29. The Last Time I Cried And Why
- Last night when I read about the ‘kasih sayang abah untuk puteri abah’ (tak ingat sangat tajuk dia) story and I cried real hard.

30. Looks Or Personality- Why?
- Ofc personality. A person with a good-looking face is fine. But if they have a very bad personality, better gi mampos. Tak semua orang yg muka lawa perangai pun lawa. Kadang ada orang muka dia macam muka pecah rumah tapi perangai ya Allah very nice and kind and berhati perut. I’m not defending any side. This is just my personal opinion.

Maka dgn ini tamat la suda sesi Get To Know Me hehehe. Best tau dapat jawab soalan-soalan camni hahaha. Thanks igs sebab tag kitewww. Lain kali tag lagi k ;)

Till here I guess. Bye fellas ! ^^ 


  1. Wahh. I love pizza & cheesy fries too. Hehe. Banyaknya movie yg awk suka. Btw kan,your url name sedap. Hehehe. Sangat creative :D sy sokong yg 30 tu. Hehehe. Personality lg important. Anywy goodnite^^

    1. Wahhh kita geng pizza and cheesy fries la kan , high five hahahaha. Aah sbb saya mmg kaki movie ๐Ÿ˜ nama url nih simbol org berkabung uhuks . yup, personality always a priority ✌

      thanks sudi singgah ๐Ÿ˜

  2. paling sama yang bangun awal nk ke sekolah. huish sekarang kalau bgn awal cmtu dh xboleh dah haha

    1. Hahahaha betuuull sangat ! Dulu selalu je bangun jam 3.30 atau jam 4 sbb nak kena keluar hostel awal sebelum azan . Skang nih dah tak mampu kot nak bangun awal camtuh hari-hari ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. unik sangat nama blog & url awak tu. OMG dear if 19 u rasa tua... sis mungkin da masuk kategotri umo veteran skrg ni. Hihihi... One thing to remember dear, beauty attract the eye but the personality capture the heart. =)

    1. Unik ke ? Simbol kesedihan tau huhu ๐Ÿ˜‚ alah tak veteran lagi la sis hehehee . It just saya mcm tak pecaya dah masuk 19 tahun ni , mcm baru je masuk 17 hewhew.

      Yes absolutely . Personality win ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

  4. wah didn't know abt cyclamen till I read yr post, what a unique beauty <3
    and oh typophobia, yucks! it makes me shiver all the time..

    1. yeah i found a lot of facts behind flower's name kat dalam satu buku yg saya pernah baca. best tau buku tuh hehee.and yessssss trypophobia never failed to make me feels bad all the time, yucksss!

  5. mine is mephobia.. look up... kahkahkah.. no 11 tu sepp sikit hahahahaahaha

    1. hahahahaha weyhh mephobia la sangat hahahah. okok sy terima jenis phobia awk tuh k, takpe hahahha. ok sepp *high five*

  6. No 14 lolllllll I have that weird habit of asking where's my specs while I'm wearing them and my kawan pernah terkejut sebab saya dengan muka toya makan twisties padahal saya cakap saya tgh puasa sunat omg I can relate to you so well~ no 22 makes me go 'aww~' and that fear of asrama haha I feel you~

    1. Hahahaha wahhh banyaknya yang kita sama kan, high five sikett hahaha. Yaaaa i was reallyyyy pelupa k , just sangat-sangat-sangat pelupa. FYI saya pun pernah jugak selamba je makan masa tengah puasa sunat sbb saya betul2 lupa masa tuh hahaha malunyaa. yeah that 'going back to hostel' feeling ugghhh tak suka betul!

  7. i pon jenis mudah tersentuh n akan cry

    1. Lah yeke ? Hehee kita geng la kalau cmtuh ๐Ÿ˜‰


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